Committed and motivated participants!

Involve the group and adopt a positive and agile approach


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Engagement, participation and collaboration

Your participants become actors of the meeting and get more involved. 

  • Collective activities and decision-making are available to the participants. Your sessions become more efficient, more productive and increased value with collective intelligence.
  • They assess their knowledge through individual activities and challenge each other through gamification.
  • They discuss with each other and with you through the Discussion; producing content and enriching each other. The anonymous mode enables you to collect opinions from the most shy ones.

Overcoming obstacles to change: simplicity, everywhere, at any time.

Participants simply join your session’s web page using any device with an Internet access. It’s fast and efficient.

  • Your attendees follow your Beekast session live or at their own pace. It’s up to you to set the tempo and select the right mode: autonomous educational path, live meetings or asynchronous sessions.
  • Participants have a dedicated interface, optimized for their participation. Management and administration of the session are available to you only.
  • Remotely or on site, it is also easy to participate. Remote participants will benefit from the same experience as on-site participants through our integrated video conferencing system.

From team meeting to major seminary: reliability, speed and performance

Producing an optimal experience, no matter the number of participants.

  • Promote real discussions and collaboration during your next meetings. Learn more
  • Enhance collective intelligence during your workshop. Learn more
  • Improve learning approach and track participation progress during your training. Learn more
  • Engage your participants during your events. Learn more