Facilitate collaborative teleworking for all your teams!

Are your teams scattered? Do you need to bring them together virtually to collaborate?

With Beekast’s interactive activities, organise and lead efficient and interactive meetings, co-creation workshops and training sessions remotely. The result: build sense of closeness between teams and keep projects moving forward.

Assemble your teams for interactive activities

Stay connected and encourage remote co-creation

Record decisions and save discussion content

Telework together efficiently!

Teleworking as a Team,
its easy with Beekast!

1. Remote Collaboration

Promote interaction and co-creation: generate ideas through brainstorming, organise project meetings to manage priorities with the Matrix, encourage continuous improvement with the Speedboat. Make decisions as a team and follow the action plan.

2. Remote Management

Stay in touch with your employees: host daily department meetings, bridge the distance with icebreakers like the Selfie Wall, collect group opinions and pass feedback on to help the team move forward. Support people, no matter the distance.

3. Remote Training

Manage skills development: organize engaging and interactive training sessions remotely in asynchronous mode, and watch learners as they progress in real-time with Journey view. Assess skills development with MCQs and the Challenge.

Connect Beekast
to the Best Tools on the Market

Microsoft Teams

Download Beekast to Microsoft Teams to take advantage of two powerful tools together in one spot.

Video-Conferencing Solutions

Beekast is compatible with the best video-conferencing solutions.

Import our Templates to Collaborate Remotely
With Beekast

Team Meeting

With team meetings, you can assemble your teams regularly on site and remotely. Use this template to take stock of projects and to identify priorities and any sticking points.

Onboarding: Integrating an Employee

Successfully welcoming a new employee remotely is a real challenge. With this model, develop a personalized, interactive and engaging integration experience for each new arrival.

Ideation workshop

This workshop has to enable your employees to drum up new ideas or concepts as a team, even from afar. Use this model for virtual brainstorming to awaken each person’s creativity.

Remote Seminar

Despite the distance, the company needs to be able to gather all employees together for seminars to convey key messages. This template will help you bridge the distance and create engagement.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

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How to import a model?

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