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Bring Your Presentations to Life: Dynamic Activities That Boost Audience Participation

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Word cloud activity icon

Word Cloud

Let your audience share their opinions and highlight trends on a word cloud.

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Board activity icon


Create the perfect Kanban or explore other members’ ideas and vote for your favorite ones.

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survey activity icon


Poll your audience with an instant voting system and interactive visual features.

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mcq activity icon


Evaluate your audience with an MCQ and get interactive visual feedback.

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Prioritization activity icon


Display a variety of proposals and a set amount of points to allocate.

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rating activity icon


Allow participants to rate a proposition with this simple star-rating system.

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matrix activity icon


Define elements to be estimated according to two dimensions.

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ranking activité interactive


Rearrange and rank multiple-choice options in a specific order.

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selfie wall activity icon

Selfie Wall

Create a mural by having participants send in a picture of themselves. 

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metaphor activity icon


Everyone is invited to share their ideas and find solutions using different analogies.

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canvas whiteboard activity icon


Co-create with your team thanks to this interactive whiteboard.

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form activity icon


Ask open-ended or closed-ended questions to gather feedback from your participants.

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Challenge activity icon


Test your participants’ knowledge in a fun way. Play in teams or individually. 

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