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Allow your participants to define their preferences and prioritize items in a given list using a point system, enabling your group to reflect on the most important aspects of a topic.

Visual representing the Beekast prioritization activity

How does it work?

Engage your participants in a prioritization activity where they can assign points to proposals based on their preferences. The points are then tallied and the results are displayed in real-time, allowing the group to collectively determine the most important items on a given list.

prioritization visual

Accelerate complex decision-making processes with the prioritization activity. Simply display a set of proposals and a number of points to be distributed among each of them, making it easier to identify priority projects.


With our prioritization activity, participants can not only share their vision of the priorities but also allocate a specific number of points to each proposal to indicate their relative importance.


easy to use icon

Easy to use

No need to be an expert! Everyone can use the prioritization activity.

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Build a strategy

A simple method to identify priorities quickly.

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Accessible to everyone

In small groups during a meeting/training session or during an event with thousands of participants.