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An end to top-down skills transfer.

Through Beekast’s activities, the learning process is personalised, interactive and adapts to the learners’ pace. The result: training modules are engaging and skills development is more effective.


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Leading Training
It's Easy With Beekast!

1. Prepare

Build a library of useful resources then add activities to create interaction and support learning. For example, add a training programme, hyperlinks, your PDF or PowerPoint presentation, videos and educational activities.

2. Acquire and Assess Knowledge

Your learners are central to the initiative and progress in real-time or at their own pace. The discussion space gets the debate started. The Challenge and Journey View stimulate friendly competition. The MCQ and Ranking help with learning and validating skills.

3. Measure Training

Use statistics to track and analyse your learners’ individual and group progress. Data is automatically retrieved in the form of editable meeting notes. You’ll save time when measuring the effectivenesst of your training.

Import Our Training
Templates With Beekast

Integrating an Employee

Welcoming new arrivals properly is important in order to lay the foundation for thriving collaboration and to get them started at their job. Use this template to create a fun and engaging onboarding process.

Internal Training

Make transferring skills between peers simple, from experts to beginners. Use this template to encourage active learning by putting your learners at the heart of the training.

Technical Training

The technical training brings employees up to speed so they can effectively use the technologies they need to work. Use this template to create an engaging learning process.

Awareness Training

Capture participants’ attention to make sure they retain the safety, health or environmental messages. Use this template to put learners at the heart of the training so you can successfully convey messages.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

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How to import a model?

They Host Their Training
on Beekast

Beekast encourages interaction and develops memorisation

Some of our trainers use Beekast to identify expectations to adapt the training’s highlights

Maël Ropert
Project Manager in Learning and Digital Engineering at Francis Lefebvre Formation