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Whether individually or as a team, participants engage in challenges in a fun and stimulating manner. These challenges not only test knowledge but also foster healthy competition and drive!

Visual representing the Beekast challenge activity

How does it work?

Your participants will engage in various activities that inspire friendly competition. The online quiz begins with an exciting countdown to capture attention and momentum. Once launched, participants can answer the interactive quiz questions, and top performers will earn a coveted spot on the final podium!

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This approach is ideal for verifying learners’ mastery of a logical sequence. You can reinforce pedagogical content by challenging them with questions and gamify the learning experience by displaying a podium of top performers. Encourage participant engagement and solidify comprehension through active participation in the challenge.


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Test in a playful way

Your learners will have fun learning and will be more engaged during your session.

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Team spirit

A unifying tool for achieving a shared goal. This activity effectively promotes collaboration and encourages exchanges between participants.

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Healthy competition

Gamification cultivates healthy competition and motivation among employees, driving greater engagement and involvement in the process.