Choose the collective intelligence to
improve your company productivity !

The way we work is radically transformed by the arrival of new generations in the world of work, the digital world that is spreading everywhere and the need for organizations to be more agile to adapt more quickly to its changes. Our work methods and techniques must become more collaborative and responsive. At Beekast, we believe that mobilizing collective intelligence, otherwise, fostering creativity and collaboration, helps improve business performance.


Beekast is a digital tool for collective intelligence and it is available in SaaS. Beekast contributes to improve interactivity and group dynamics in meetings, trainings and seminars through the implementation of activities. A 100% web-based tool, Beekast is very easy to use for both facilitators and participants.


Since its creation in 2015 by Yassine Chabli and Quentin Georget, over 1,500 companies of any size and all sectors (big companies like Google, Total but also trainers and independent consultants…) use Beekast worldwide.


Beekast is located both in Paris and Nantes.

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Key figures
icon 2015 Date of creation
icon 2.7M€ 2016 Fundraising
icon 1500 Customers worldwide
icon 2 Million users

40 co-workers

in 7 business units

We recruit

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The officesof Beekast

Paris 8 boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris - France
Nantes 1 rue du Guesclin 44000 Nantes - France