Usable and easy-to-understand data

You can import your global Beekast session so that you can make the best decisions.


Beekast is free up to 3 participants

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Automatic generation of the session’s report

Beekast optimizes time spent in meetings, you will no longer take note, get focused on the essential.

  • Losing information is over, Beekast stores every content imported in your session: exchanges (messages and comments), activities’ results …
  • Generating a nice report with a single click. Readable, understandable and comprehensive; it makes your work of synthesis easy to conduct.
  • Editing the report to add your memos and ideas is a breeze. The report is in an editable Word format.

More about the report

Data, center of your session

Thanks to the detailed statistics, you have access to all data sent on the platform: from discussions on the timeline to activities’ results and participants’ answers.

  • Getting detailed statistics for each activity you launched in a session.
  • Using very easily your data with a summary of relevant information and more details on the collected data.
  • Exporting all statistics in Excel format to be used in any spreadsheet.

Assess, progress and make decisions

Follow the evolution of your interventions and the efficiency of each participant.

  • Analyze your intervention using general statistics. Discover your areas of improvement and continuously improve your presentations.
  • Supervise the progress of every participant and their engagement during the sessions.
  • You are provided with the necessary information to make the right decisions and share your results with confidence.