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Visual decision matrix activity

Engage your participants in evaluating a series of proposals along two distinct axes, and visualize the results in an intuitive matrix. This dynamic activity is ideal for navigating complex issues and making well-informed decisions.

Visual representing the Beekast matrix activity

How does it work?

Select the matrix mode that best suits your needs, choosing between either the grid or quadrant layout. Participants will evaluate and position the different elements according to the two criteria represented by the horizontal and vertical axes. You can then access real-time results and proceed with an in-depth analysis of the findings.

matrix visual

Task your team with the evaluation and classification of options relevant to the topic at hand. By analyzing the resulting data, you can identify important trends and areas for potential growth and collaboration. Use these insights to prioritize key areas and facilitate meaningful discussions as a team.


Encourage your team to distinguish between what’s important and what’s urgent, so you can prioritize effectively and decide on the best next steps together. By creating a framework for evaluating priorities and aligning on key objectives, our platform empowers you to optimize your team’s productivity and drive progress that truly matters.


productivity icon

Boost productivity

This tool allows you to prioritize your tasks and refine your strategy.

project management icon

A management tool

Easily create an Eisenhower or RACI matrix to share a vision with your team.

data icon

Analyze data

Export the full results at the end of your event with the report.