Keep the powers of a conductor

Make the best of your participants emerge by mobilizing their attention on dynamic sessions.


Beekast is free up to 3 participants

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Create the conditions that encourage participants engagement and enthusiasm.

Give a rhythmical effect to your meetings and be flexible in your presentation.

  • Start and stop your activities at any time so you can engage in interactivity and collaboration with your participants.
  • Adapt your session to the group and the situation: nothing is easier than adding or removing an activity.
  • Your participants will see what you choose to display on the screen. You maintain the control of your session.
  • Better be a facilitator than an animator : Beekast automatically records activities results and all data shared. You can get focused on the group management.

Create a real discussion and funny exchanges

The Discussion, a real space for boosting collaboration with your audience, and also between participants. You are equipped with everything to organize and manage a Q&A session in a moment.

  • Like and comment on each message
  • Share photos and videos
  • Automatic display of activity results in real time
  • Projection of the most relevant messages
  • Moderation of the most misplaced messages
  • “Anonymous” mode for getting opinion from the most shy participants.

Make a presentation alone or with others, on site or remotely

Whatever the usage, Beekast adapts to your needs so you can produce the best presentation.

  • Alone: Beekast becomes your private assistant and your activity toolbox, and it stores everything for you.
  • With others: Invite other moderators to join you and allocate the different sequences of the meeting.
  • On site: Whether in a small or large assembly, Beekast will get the best from your participants.
  • Remotely: Beekast is compatible with all the best video conferencing solutions on the market. Run remote meetings and lead your participants just like you’re in the same room