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Assess the understanding of a process or logical sequence by presenting participants with a set of propositions to arrange in proper order. This engaging and efficient activity offers a swift and enjoyable way to confirm understanding.

Visual representing the Beekast ranking activity

How does it work?

Challenge your participants to correct a list of items arranged in the incorrect sequence. Participants will arrange the items in the correct order, and the results can be displayed as a score or podium indicating the number of correct and incorrect answers.

Ranking activity visual


Ask your participants about the correct sequence of a process, for example. Check that the information has been assimilated.


easy to use icon

Easy to use

No need to be an expert! The ranking is accessible to everyone.

data icon

Analyze data

Export the full results at the end of your event with the report.

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Train your teams

An effective method to check for understanding, making it an excellent tool for training purposes.