Organise Effective and Dynamic Co-Construction Workshops!

Do you dream of a way to organise workshops that every single one of your employees finds engaging?

With Beekast’s interactive activities, you can finally get your entire team interested and organise participatory workshops! The result: get the best of what everyone has to offer and create a pleasant and productive work environment.

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Bring your whole team together in one spot, even from afar

Encourage discussion and collaboration

Never lose track of your ideas again

Together, create added value to continue soaring to new heights!

Hosting a Workshop,
It's Easy With Beekast!

1. Prepare

Import your presentation then add activities to break the ice at the start of a workshop and create a group dynamic. For example, create an Ice Breaker, Word Cloud and brainstorming session with the Speedboat's to generate new ideas and concepts.

2. Host and Generate Ideas

Your participants are the heart and soul of the workshop: everyone, even the most timid, can converse easily using the discussion space and compare their experiences. Launch role-playing with brainstorming activities and build the project as a group.

3. Collect Ideas

Nothing gets lost: not the info, not your time. Information is automatically retrieved in the form of editable meeting notes. It couldn’t be easier to collect information, share it with the group and prepare the follow-up to your workshop. You save time!

Import Our Workshop Templates
With Beekast

Ideation Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to generate new ideas and concepts by stimulating the creativity of each person in the group (even if they’re shy!). Use this template to find easily reproduced exercises.

Problem-Solving Workshops

To resolve the sometimes complicated problems with the group, everyone needs to be able to express themselves. Use this template to resolve problems together with interactive exercises.

Continuous Improvement Workshop

Do you need to dig deeper to always do better as a team? This template gives you the tools to reach new heights, get people thinking and review past efforts.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

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How to import a model?

They Host Their Workshops
on Beekast

Beekast is now a basic skill

We went with Beekast, which is a simple and easy-to-use tool for giving our employees a chance to speak during meetings

Christelle Rahari & Nathalie Le Roch
Digital Hub Director / General Manager at Acemis