Manage a creative workshop with Beekast

Collaborative workshops help increase group exchanges, and especially to produce constructive ideas to enhance your project. Beekast increases your facilitation skills with hands-on activities.

Here are some tips that will help you better understand the advantages of a dynamic presentation tool like Beekast. Also, you can practice workshop facilitation case studies.


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Creative and productive workshops

Interaction: During your interactive presentation, participants can easily contribute and collaborate. Beekast promotes this collaboration and the achievement of goals during the workshop. With its wide range of activities, you will simply and efficiently implement idea generation or problem-solving workshops.

Engagement: With the message wall, Beekast activities create the right mood and enhance your workshop facilitation by guiding and encouraging real discussions and contributions. Use activities to bring out the best in people attending.

Gamification: the workshops aim to be constructive, but are very often playful. Become more creative by swapping your traditional post-its for digital activities. Beekast activities help you create everything: Popcorn, Battle, Challenge.

Productivity: to meet the goals of the work group, the facilitator must identify some activities. A very specific logistics is generally required. Wherever you are, use Beekast to start efficient and interactive activities in just a few clicks.

Evaluation: thanks to Beekast report generator, downloadable and customizable, you will be able to collect all the ideas that are shared during your workshop

How to manage a work group with Beekast ?


Organize your workshop

At this stage, you can imagine all the activities that will help to answer your problem. Select the Beekast activities that can help promote the emergence of new ideas.


Facilitate your workgroup

Break the ice and make an impression on your attendees with the Word cloud. Grab attention throughout your session with games. Generate more ideas instantly with the Board.


At the end of your workshop

Thanks to the customizable report, you will be able to collect all the ideas generated during your workshop. It is easy to share them it with the members. Time saved is real!