At Beekast, we are totally committed to safety. Our platform is secure, reliable and scalable.
Your data is secure

Data Encryption

Integral data encryption is made via AES128 and HTTPS certified by GeoTrust.

Data storage in the European Union

All our data are stored in the European Union, Germany and Ireland.
A tremendous connection

Access Restriction

We can set up a restriction of access to your events through a system of authentication by Domain name and whitelists (predetermined list of emails). Access to your sessions can also be limited by a password.

SSO/CAS/SAML Authentication

To improve users’ experience and internal implementation, we may manage the authentication via your company directory (active directory).

Availability 99,95%

You rely on our total availability. We guarantee a SLA of 99,95 %. Our technical team is a 24/7 service.
Security best practice

Annual technical audit

Our solution is audited every year by a third party. Intrusion detection and vulnerability tests are performed once a year by independent security experts.

Compliance to the GDPR

In accordance with the European Regulation on Data Protection, Beekast protects your personal data, in the strictest respect of your rights. To learn more about our commitment to the EU GDPR compliance, check out our Privacy Policy.