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Collaborative word cloud activity

If you’re looking to brainstorm ideas quickly, there’s no better activity than the word cloud to collect your participants’ impressions on a given topic. Identify trends and uncover new insights easily!

How does it work? 

With our platform, users can send words that are instantly projected onto a screen as a dynamic word cloud. Depending on your preference, the words can appear immediately or gradually over time. As the audience repeats a word, it grows in size and changes color in real time, creating a visually stunning effect that is sure to wow your audience!

word cloud visual

Get your employees engaged right from the start by kicking off your session in a unique and creative way! By asking a simple question, you can generate instant excitement and encourage everyone to share their feedback. This approach allows you to spark discussion and build on the collective insights of your team.


Gather instant feedback from your audience on a topic of your choice. New ideas emerge and you can then bounce back and identify the biggest trends.


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Easy to use

No need to be an expert! The word cloud is accessible to all.

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Boost interaction

Immediately capture people’s attention and encourage them to participate.

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Accessible to everyone

In small groups during a meeting, training session, or during an event with thousands of participants.