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Interactive metaphor activity

Stimulate interactions and ideation within your team by drawing on the analogy of a boat, hot air balloon, rocket, or car. Use these powerful metaphors to inspire your team to work collaboratively towards a shared goal, while encouraging creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

Visual representing the Beekast metaphor activity

How does it work?

Embrace the power of metaphor at any stage of your project to unlock new perspectives and insights. By exploring new universes and drawing on the rich imagery of metaphors, your team can easily identify and address bottlenecks, reflect on future opportunities, and enhance overall collaboration and creativity. Make the metaphor game a cornerstone of your innovation strategy today!

speedboat analogy metaphor visual

Using the metaphor of a speedboat, your team can identify and improve the drivers of the group, while also recognizing and mitigating the factors that might be slowing progress. This activity promotes meaningful exchange and enables the group to gain a holistic understanding of the topic at hand while fostering open expression and collaboration.


The hot air balloon analogy allows a team to plan the next actions while taking into account past ones: What is slowing your team down? What can help you go higher?


The speed car is a mixture of hindsight and foresight, which allows us to discover the risks in a collective way. It’s perfect for your agile retrospectives as an alternative to the Speed Boat.


A collaborative activity to discuss strategic issues. Take a step up with the Beekast rocket and work as a team on transformation issues. Collectively identify your North Star and the strategy for reaching this goal.


problem-solving icon

Solve problems

Identify key obstacles and develop actionable strategies to overcome them.

action plan icon

Build an action plan

Generate an action plan based on all the levers to put in place in order to reach your goals faster.

brainstorming icon

Brainstorm collectively

Leverage the power of brainstorming sessions and creative thinking techniques!