Centre your students in the learning process

Want to make your teaching more interactive?

With Beekast activities, your classes become interactive and turn students into active learners. The result: your students will be engaged and skills development will be more effective.

Develop virtual classes that makes people want to learn!

Teach in person or remotely, in real time or at a student’s own pace

Create fun, interactive learning sessions

Analyse your students’ individual and group progress

Developing a Virtual Classroom Is
Easy with Beekast!

1. Create your classroom

It only takes a few minutes to create your virtual classroom: put together your presentation using slides and be sure to include interactive activities like MCQ, Challenge, Survey, Word Cloud, and video.

2. Share knowledge

Invite your students and get them talking with the discussion area, then launch fun and motivating activities. Challenge and Journey View create friendly competition, even while remote!

3. Validate skills

You can monitor and analyse your learners’ individual and group progress using assessment activities (MCQ, Ranking, etc.), the ranking system and stats. Save time and easily measure the effectiveness of your courses.

Import Our Classroom Templates
With Beekast

The interactive virtual classroom

Get each student in your class onboard with a dynamic, interactive course. Involve them all throughout your course to increase their concentration level and promote learning.

The independent virtual classroom

Create an interesting online course that’s easy for your students to take. Just add your resources and create team or individual interaction.

Skills validation

Even while remote, you can monitor your students and make sure they’re progressing. In this session: a simultaneous assessment for your whole class, and time for an individual live discussion with each student.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

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How to import a model?

They Host Online Courses
on Beekast

Beekast helps students memorise and absorb key concepts

Thanks to Beekast, I can show my creative side by coming up with new learning methods.

Catherine Jaleran
Trainer with a passion for digital tools

Beekast helps thousands of students learn
with fun, interactive and effective methods!

1500 institutions love
using Beekast
+30% more efficient
in classroom
2 million users

A tool that nurtures in-class interaction

Beekast is a tool involved at several levels in the student curriculum. Beekast lets you measure audience understanding and allows you to appeal to collective intelligence,

The INSEEC U digitises its courses by integrating Beekast into the training programme for teachers.


Fun platform, agile, instant, effective!

For training to gather quality feedback (surveys, NPS), to collect participants' impressions, perceptions, moods, and to validate skills.

The back office team is responsive and efficient. There’s always a warm welcome. Beekast is customer-focused. It’s great!

Aurore Delestre - Philip Morris International

Beekast is a GREAT tool

An ideal solution to stimulate interaction!
Beekast helps make meetings and training sessions more dynamic and makes participants actors in actions taken.

It’s scalable and progressively adapts to users’ needs.

Stéphane Picco - CNFPT