Beekast can be integrated into your everyday tools

Beekast can be integrated into your ecosystem of tools to simplify how you prepare, lead and track your meetings. With everything together, you save time and boost the impact of your meetings.

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Add interactivity to your videoconferences

Google Meet, Prezi, and many more are compatible with Beekast

Boost your videoconferences by adding Beekast to your favourite video conferencing solution. Ensure everyone takes part, and encourage teamwork!
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Why add Beekast to your videoconference?



Beekast is your coach, helping you structure your meeting and accomplish your goals


Create collaborative meetings thanks to a wide range of interactive Beekast activities


Make group decisions at the end of your meeting using specific features


Beekast makes it easy to track your meeting thanks to its editable meeting notes and action plan

Use Beekast on other platforms

Using the Iframe technology on Beekast, add your interactive presentations to web platforms such as Sharepoint and Moodle.
Sharepoint Sharepoint
Moodle Moodle