Interactive presentations always perfect for each of your interventions

Beekast allows you to easily create an interactive session whether or not it is planned.


Beekast is free up to 3 participants

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Create Amazing Interactive Presentations

Create a Beekast session in a few clicks by adding your activities and importing your content instantly.

  • Choose from a wide range of activities, such as a Word cloud (Wordle), a Poll or a MCQ for example. Get ready in just a few clicks. To engage your audience, nothing like interactive and fun activities.
  • Import your own content (PowerPoint or PDF, YouTube videos) with a single click. Organize your session as you wish. You are ready to present your first interactive meeting !

With or without preparation, Beekast adapts to any situation.

collective and fun activities

Wordle (Word cloud)

Inspiring your audience with a word cloud instantly generated and highlighting the most frequent contributions. Ideal for sharing in a visual form the group perception on a given topic.

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Organize a survey with different types of questions. and show it to your participants before, during or after your event. Ideal to collect feedback from your audience and also to prepare topics for a session. 

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Selfie Wall

Your participants take selfies throughout the event. Whether it’s a memory of the session or for building team spirit, the wall of selfies is a simple activity to set up with a guaranteed “wow” effect.

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Alone or in a team, your participants take part in a series of challenges in a fun way. The challenge allows you to test the knowledge of your participants as well as to spark off a positive reaction from a group.

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Ask your participants for an assessment and display in real time the average of the sent ratings. It’s the ideal activity for getting a quick feedback on a given topic.

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Ask your participants to put a list of proposals in the right order. A fast and fun activity to validate knowledge.

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Display a set of proposals and a number of points to distribute. Your participants then attribute their stake to the various proposals and you immediately identify the most requested.

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Your participants assess a series of proposals in two dimensions and visualize the result as a matrix. This activity is perfect for making decisions on complex issues.

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Engage your audience in a quiz. With a countdown and a podium, you boost your meeting. Ideal to validate the achievements or to make the group more dynamic.

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Do you want to ask for the opinion of your participants and immediately show the trend of your session? The Survey is ideal for this type of situation, your audience chooses one or more proposals and you display in real time the distribution of the group in visual form.

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Organize brainstorming sessions with the Board activity. Your participants can post their ideas on a virtual board. You can group similar ideas, classify them and cast a vote to choose the best ones.

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To encourage discussion and generate ideas to achieve the objectives set for your team, hop into the speedboat workshop.
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Share relevant information

Sharing ideas with your audience before, during or after your meeting is becoming easier with Beekast.

  • Agenda: program of the day, schedule of different sessions … your participants will never be lost.
  • Lists: list of speakers, exhibitors, prerequisites; it is flexible and editable at any time.
  • List of participants: access the list of participants. Ideal for networking.
  • External web page: Your participants can consult the page of an external website via the Beekast session.
  • File Sharing: Store, centralize and share your documents securely.

Customize the appearance of Beekast to your image

Promote your brand as you wish. You gain recognition and you provide a personalized experience on your slides and on mobile devices.

  • Change the predominant color of the interface to customize it to your own colors.
  • Import your logo for immediate identification of your brand and image.
  • Embed your own live background or select from Unsplash free images.