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Interactive selfie wall activity

Capture the unique personalities and perspectives of your participants by having them take a selfie, which is then integrated into a larger mosaic of photos. This creates a humanizing and personalized touch to your session, fostering a sense of connection and community among participants!

Visual representing the Beekast selfie wall activity

How does it work?

Encourage engagement and participation among your attendees by having them take selfies throughout the event, which can be compiled into a dynamic video mosaic of photos. Consider adding a personalized touch by revealing your logo or branding at the end of the video.

selfie wall visual

“Send us your brightest smile!”

Before or at the beginning of the event, ask everyone to send in a photo of themselves to start off the event in a visual and collaborative way.


“How are you feeling today?”
Use selfies to gauge how your audience feels in record time!


team spirit icon

Boost team spirit

The Selfie Wall is a simple and fun activity that will leave a lasting impression.

camera icon

An unforgettable moment

Offer a unique souvenir during your events through a selfie of each participant.

accessible to all icon

Accessible to everyone

In small groups during a meeting/training session, or during an event with thousands of participants!