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Lead effective and collaborative meetings It’s easy, even when you’re remote

Beekast is an online platform that helps you create, lead and track your meetings and training sessions. The platform’s activities are easy to learn and use.


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in 3 steps

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Create interactive presentations

Insert your presentation materials (ppt, pdf, video …) and add your interactive activities (Word cloud, MCQ, Vote …). It’s quick and simple.

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Engage your audience and boost your session

Your attendees follow your presentation on site or remotely and contribute via their web browser in real time. Your meetings are more interactive and productive.

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Assess and share your results

Generate in real time an editable meeting report. Access detailed statistics of your participants and provide personalized feedback.

Our customers love to use Beekast, So why not you ?

Over 2 million users and over 1,500 companies love using Beekast.

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Features you will love

More than 15 interactive activities

Ice-breaker, word clouds, brainstorming, poll, quiz, survey, selfies wall, prioritization … and many others. 

Import your pdf or ppt presentations in Beekast

Live sessions / Self-paced courses


Report and statistics

Explore all the features

Beekast can be integrated into your tools!

Save time and boost productivity

Multiple uses

  • Icone


    Organize and make your meetings dynamic

    Meetings are often perceived as boring and too numerous. With Beekast, your meetings become more participative and efficient.
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  • Icone


    Stimulate group discussions

    Brainstorming, collective decision-making, opinion-making … thanks to Beekast interactive activities, the production of ideas is richer and your projects progress faster.
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  • Icone

    Training and education

    Draw attention and assess

    Test the knowledge of your learners through activities’ assessment (MCQ, Challenges …). Make learning simple and keep the attention of your participants by providing innovative (more modern) and engaging trainings.
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  • Icone


    Promote participation and interaction

    Whether it is for an internal seminar or a conference with hundreds of participants, engage your audience and develop interactions at your events.
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