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Interactive survey activity

Polling your audience with instant voting can be a powerful way to engage your audience and get quick feedback on a variety of topics. With real-time results and interactive visualizations, you can quickly see the trends of your session and adjust your content accordingly.

Visual representing the Beekast survey activity

How does it work?

Capture your audience’s opinions and make your session interactive by using live polls with real-time results displayed in engaging visual formats such as histograms, pie charts, or donuts. It’s a great way to immediately see the trends and preferences of your audience.

Survey visual


Asking for your audience’s opinion is a great way to increase engagement and participation. You can create a poll or survey to ask your participants for their thoughts on various topics such as project pitches, industry practices, or current events.


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Get to know your audience

Gathering valuable insights from your participants can help inform and shape your strategy.

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Boost interaction

Your participants can express how they feel and you can measure their commitment.

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Establish prerequisites

Adjust your next training module or meeting to better meet the needs and preferences of your audience.