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Interactive kanban board for online brainstorming

With the board activity, start an efficient and productive brainstorming session. Generate ideas, organize them, and vote for the best ones.

Visual representing the Beekast board activity

How does it work?

Participants send their ideas as virtual post-its to the board, with or without a predefined category. You can group ideas that are similar, categorize them, and vote on the best ones. The utlimate brainstorming activity!

board activity visual

Engage your employees immediately by starting the session in an original way! Ask a simple question to generate immediate excitement that allows you to comment and bounce back on everyone’s feedback.


To encourage collective decision-making, have participants vote for their favorite ideas. Instantly broadcast a visual summary at the end of your brainstorming session.


idea icon

Generate ideas

Run smooth brainstorming sessions with your entire team and let them share their opinions, ideas and feedback.

collective vision icon

Share a collective vision

Share ideas, organize them, and vote for the best ones to collectively build a strategy

checkmark icon

Solve problems

Get a visual summary that allows you to prioritize and decide together