Organize a work meeting in a fun way

Beekast is a dynamic presentation tool designed to boost productivity and efficiency. No matter your presentation skills, Beekast is the facilitator of all your meetings thanks to a set of advanced but very simple features. Beekast helps you encourage contributions, collect participants’ feedback, promote collective intelligence.

Here are some tips that will help you get a better understanding of a meeting tool like Beekast. And above all, you will understand through real examples how to run your meeting in an original with different techniques.


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Engaging and efficient Meetings with Beekast

Engagement: grab your audience attention and engage them.
Manage motivating, challenging and productive meetings. Simply and efficiently organize your slides and activities according to your goals.

Interaction: organize discussions and the collection of information.
Work together wherever you are. Members can express themselves and contribute in real time on-site or remotely. Your conf calls are much more interactive and therefore more productive.

Dynamic facilitation: give up your traditional post-its and become more creative with gamification. Beekast activities are fun and illustrative.

Efficiency: centralize your files and stimulate new proposals with simple activities. No need to write down meeting notes during your meeting!

Evaluation: very easy to measure the impact of your meeting with the assessments activities and the satisfaction survey. Useful for improving the format and content of your meetings.

How to manage a meeting with Beekast?


Organizing interactive meeting

With a preparation and a clear goal, your meeting will be efficient and productive. Make the meeting resources available so that participants will have time to review them before, during and after your meeting. Simply create your slides and add your activities.


Creatively facilitate your meeting

Run very special meetings with the interactive activities. Install the right mood and run a positive meeting with the ice-breaker. Maintain control with assessment activities: online quizzes and surveys. Promote contributions with Brainstormings.


At the end of your meeting

Project follow-up and action identification are simply conducted. Beekast will automatically generate an editable and customizable meeting report, perfect to increase productivity and efficiency.