Truly Efficient Collaborative Meetings Really Are Possible!

Put an end to top-down, monotone and interminable meetings!

With Beekast’s features, you can finally organise and host effective collaborative meetings that really get the whole team engaged. The result: you optimise time spent in meetings to gain in productivity and well-being.

Get your whole team together in one spot, even from afar

Create opportunities for discussion to stimulate collective intelligence

Take decisions systematically to move projects forward

Have fun to boost team spirit!

Hosting a Meeting,
It's Easy on Beekast!

1. Prepare

Import your presentation then add activities to break the ice at the start of a meeting and generate new ideas as a team. For example, create an Ice Breaker, Word Cloud and brainstorming sessions using the Board and the Speedboat's Metaphor.

2. Lead and Take Decisions

Your participants are the heart and soul of the meeting: they converse in the discussion space, give their opinions using Like and Vote, debate and create value! For decision-making and a group action plan, enable the Action/Decision feature.

3. Generate Meeting Notes

Nothing gets lost: not the info, not your time. Information is automatically retrieved in the form of editable meeting notes. It couldn’t be easier to follow-up on your meeting, share it and prepare the next one. You save time!

Import Our Meeting Templates
With Beekast

The Team Meeting

The team meeting is a way to get on the same page, have discussions and identify current road blocks. Use this template to break the ice, get your participants engaged and take decisions as a group!

Information meetings

Make sure everyone has the same information. Use this template to put the focus on the meeting’s participants and launch interactive activities like the MCQ and Challenge to keep it lively!

The Problem-Solving Meeting

Has your project encountered an obstacle? Leap into action with the collaborative meeting template. The company tree, Speedboat and decision-making guide are a few techniques for effective problem-solving.

The Decision-Making Meeting

Reflect individually and act collectively to document a decision: this template will help you take decisions as a team and involve the entire group in the implementation of the action plan.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

Copied to clipboard
How to import a model?

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Beekast unleashes the creative potential of our employees

We went with Beekast, which is a simple and easy-to-use tool for giving our employees a chance to speak during meetings

Frédéric Jamois
Communications Manager at Orange

Their Meetings Are Opportunities for
Collective Intelligence

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Beekast is a GREAT tool

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Raïssa Lerouxel - ISAGRI

An ideal solution to stimulate interaction!

Beekast helps make meetings and training sessions more dynamic and makes participants actors in actions taken.

It’s scalable and progressively adapts to users’ needs.

Stéphane Picco - CNFPT

A great interactive tool!

A great interactive tool that adds value to meetings and improves collaboration.

Florent Guilbot - Se Loger

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