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Top-down events with no participation are a thing of the past!

Thanks to Beekast’s features, enter a world of interactive events that truly grab the audience’s attention, from start to finish. The result: become one with your audience and make an impression when you take the stand.


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Hosting an Event,
Its' Easy With Beekast!

1. Prepare

Gather practical information about your event: schedule, access, speakers, partners, representatives and more. Add your presentation and interactive activities like the Selfie wall to organise a participatory event to remember!

2. Host and Get People Involved

Your participants can speak up in the discussion space, but you’re in control and can always moderate. Create a link with the MCQ, highlight trends and focus on a topic with the Word cloud.

3. Winding up

Use the Form to launch an assessment of your event straight away for even more participation. Download the meeting notes and statistics to evaluate engagement and participation. You’ll save time when measuring your event’s ROI.

Import Our Event
Templates With Beekast


Organise an interactive conference to become one with your audience. Use this template to promote discussions and encourage participants to interact with you to create value.


The seminar is a pivotal moment for your business! To support its success, find out employees’ expectations ahead of time and then encourage participation during the event to make it an enjoyable time.

To use this session:

Connect to Beekast, then click on “Import” and copy and paste this import code:

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How to import a model?

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Beekast unleashes the creative potential of our employees

We went with Beekast, which is a simple and easy-to-use tool for giving our employees a chance to speak during events

Frédéric Jamois
Communications Manager at Orange

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A hive of activity for events and conferences

In a few words: simple, innovative, multi-purpose and multi-device. From conferences to training, meeting management, synchronous and asynchronous modes, etc.
Very high-quality support.

Etienne Berling - Caisse des Dépôts et Conssignations

A great experience

Creating events with Beekast has been a real pleasure. The people are motivated and available.

A really great experience that we’ll be sure to repeat.

Clémence Gaudet - ANFH Bourgogne

Very happy with Beekast

We organise numerous events during the year and chose Beekast because it allowed us to digitise our speaker materials.
Beekast can also be used as a medium for our slide show and numerous activities to jazz up and energise our conferences!

Laurène Di Scala - DII

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