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Engage and energize your participants with an interactive quiz complete with a countdown and podium. This is the perfect way to validate knowledge or mobilize your group during your meeting.

Visual representing the Beekast MCQ  activity

How does it work?

Perfect for testing knowledge or building team spirit, participants vote by selecting one or more correct answers, with results displayed as a percentage histogram or podium highlighting the top performers.

MCQ activity visual


To keep your presentation engaging and interactive, you can use a quiz to test your audience’s knowledge on the topic of your presentation or on more general questions. This is a great way to keep the audience engaged and validate their understanding of the material.


easy to use icon

Easy to use

The MCQ is a fast and challenging activity that is easily accessible to all participants, regardless of their level of expertise.

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Captivate your audience

 A great activity for those looking to create an engaging and interactive session!

assessment icon

Assess your participants

At the beginning to introduce a topic, during a lecture, or at the end to test knowledge.