A set of advanced and friendly-user features

Whatever your skills, Beekast assists you in all your meetings thanks to a set of advanced but incredibly simple features.

Facilitating collaboration, getting feedback, and interacting with your participants has never been easier.


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Scheduled or at the last minute, you can create your Beekast session easily and quickly. Optimise productivity and better address your target audience. Grab their attention and engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations.
  • Fun and interactive activities
    Whatever your needs (brainstorming, decision-making, participant assessments…), we cater for all of them. Vary the formats with step by step guidelines to enjoy our digital solutions in seconds.
  • PowerPoint, PDF, and YouTube videos
    Simply import your presentations into your Beekast session and organize your entire meeting via a single tool.
  • Customization
    Highlight your brand, customize your session to your image with your logo and your colors.
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Coordinate your collective moment with Beekast on site or remotely. Everything is there to help you focus on the essentials: Creating a real discussion, increasing participation and generated ideas, and finding solutions together.
  • Videoconferencing (Currently unavailable)
    Our integrated videoconferencing system allows all your participants – whether on site or remotely – to follow your presentations, to participate in activities and interact with other participants.
  • An interface designed for presentation
    You are always in control of your session. Launch your activities, bounce on the generated ideas and highlight the important elements.
  • Advanced Moderation
    The animator still controls the content exchanged during discussions or activities. He or She will never be faulted.
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Get focused on the coordination of your session, we take care of recovering and restoring the data in a usable way.
  • Report
    Finished off the note-taking chore, Beekast transcribes the session data into a complete and editable Word document. You reduce meeting times and gain in efficiency.
  • Statistics and results
    Assess the success of your session, the group’s participation or the assimilation of knowledge thanks to easily interpretable and exportable statistics in Excel format.
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Participants join the session at their pace or you lead it in real time. They can participate at any time and even remotely.
  • Easy access and mobile compatibility
    Beekast is accessible from a simple web browser. Whether on mobile, tablet or computer, it is very simple to get connected.
  • The Discussion
    Create real discussions with your audience and do not lose information or ideas anymore thanks to the Discussion. Beekast takes note of all this for you.
  • Real attendance tracking
    The interface is adapted to any situation thanks to the precise settings of Beekast: ideas generation in real time, assessment, self-paced training.
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Reliability and simplicity, Beekast
accompanies you in all situations

100% web-based interface, no need to install

No software to download nor application to install.
Simple for the animator
Simple for participants.

A universal solution

Beekast works on almost all types of devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), with all types of network (Wifi, EDGE, 3G or 4G).


Beekast is developed from the latest and most reliable technologies on the market, providing your presenters with peace of mind and your audience with ultra-fast interactivity.

Customer care

A mail support, a chat, experts available by phone or even at the place of your event, we set up everything to bring successful outcome to your presentations. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Security and Privacy

We are in control of the data stored in our infrastructures. All communications between our application and our data centers are fully encrypted with the latest security standards.

High availability

Availability rate 99.95%
High availability infrastructure
24/7 support to make our infrastructure always available