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Whiteboard canvas activity

A multi-faceted whiteboard activity that allows you to co-create freely with your participants. A tool that comes in very handy for remote teams or in hybrid mode.

Visual representing the Beekast canvas activity

How does it work?

Transform the way your teams work together with real-time collaboration. Let the creativity flow as your participants use the Canvas activity to draw, write, insert images, or jot down notes. Unleash their imagination and spark new ideas as they work collectively on a shared theme, delivering innovative and original results.

Canvas activity visual showing notes and other tools you can use in this activity

Discover different ways to start discussions on a potentially strong topic. For example, the blob tree will allow everyone to express their state of mind before the meeting.


Ask your participants to co-create a project together, giving them the opportunity to add ideas in the form of words, post-its, and images to share a collective vision.


Pencil icon: infinite possibilities

Infinite possibilities

Photos, diagrams, drawings, notes…the sky’s the limit when it comes to the whiteboard.

Icon: visual collaboration

Visual Collaboration

Unleash your participants’ creativity through a highly visual activity.

icon: save time

Save time

Ready-to-use templates are available to get you started quickly and easily.