Tips and tricks to make meetings, training or events more dynamic and interactive.

Your teleworking survival kit

Since the new year is a time for making resolutions, Beekast is offering a teleworking survival kit to help you through 2021 and beyond!


Keys to making telework a sustainable part of your business

Understanding the issues involved for your employees and your business when expanding your use of telework.


Digital learning: let your first training session soar

This e-book contains the ABCs of digital learning. At the crossroads between human resources and training challenges, this e-book will help you get started in digital learning and get your first digital training course off the ground.


Create Effective Meetings Note in just a few steps!

Stop wasting so much time on meeting notes and turn them into productive tools. Includes a meeting notes template you can customise to fit your context.


13 activities to make your workshops and meetings more engaging

Planning and leading meetings with intention makes them more effective. This e-book is your quick-reference guide filled with our best insider tips on leading collaborative workshops and meetings with your teams.