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Give your customers a market-leading solution for meeting management.

Beekast is a digital tool for interactive and collaborative meetings. Our mission is to facilitate the access to the techniques of managing group dynamics to the greatest number in order to:

  • Boost interaction and collaboration as professionals come together
  • Boost engagement and interactivity
  • Facilitate learning, idea generation and group problem solving.

Beekast is a 100% web-based tool that is simple to use, easy to set up, reliable and scalable. It can be used in several meeting formats (meeting, workshop, training or event). Contact us to know the different methods of collaboration that we can implement.

Join our Partnership Network

Picture : Microsoft, partner, beekast

Beekast is participant in promotion 6 of the Microsoft Accelerator Program, which is one of the best Startup accelerators in the world.

Image : sncf, partner, Beekast
Beekast participates in the Jeune Pousse Program of the SNCF.

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Beekast is part of the HP Enterprise MilkShake Valley 2017 program. By joining the program, Beekast enjoys HPE global top managers experience to accelerate its product and customer success.