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Interactive form activity

Craft a comprehensive questionnaire comprising varied types of questions. This tool is highly effective in collecting valuable feedback from participants and also serves as a useful preparatory exercise for shaping the topics of a session in advance.

How does it work?

With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly design your own questionnaires and launch them at your convenience. Forms can be made anonymous to gather feedback from colleagues. You can then display the live results or review them in detail at a later time. Our questionnaire builder enables you to incorporate a range of answer formats, including open-ended answers, single or multiple-choice selections, and rating scales.

Form visual


Our form is a versatile tool for evaluating learners during a session and gathering post-session feedback through a satisfaction survey. Use it to monitor participant progress and comprehension in real-time during the session, then effortlessly collect valuable insights into their overall satisfaction and experience following the session.


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Assess your learners

Test your participants during your meetings, training sessions or seminars with the interactive MCQ.

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Gather feedback

Take into account feedback provided by your participants and conduct a comprehensive analysis of their comments.

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Analyze data

Export the full results at the end of your event with the report.