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Beekast unleashes the creative potential of our employees
Frédéric Jamois Communications Manager

A French telecommunications company… but Orange doesn’t really need any introduction, does it ?
Frédéric Jamois, Communications Manager in the Networks and Services Technical Department, explains how Orange uses Beekast in its information meetings and seminars to allow employees to express their opinions and creative potential.

Orange & Beekast : the goals ?

  • Give employees a voice
  • Communicate effectively about a new project
  • Make any type of meeting more interactive

The stakes for Orange

For executive committee meetings to be effective, it’s essential for all the information presented during the meeting to be collected and forwarded to its members afterwards. At Orange, this meant finding a simple tool that would allow this reporting. At the same time, delivering truly interactive events that engage the audience was a growing concern. Orange chose Beekast to achieve both of these needs.

Using Beekast

  • For management teams
  • For seminars
  • For team meetings
  • Online or in-person
Key figures
Employees 147 000
Clients 263 M €
Revenue 41 G €
The Beekast edge

"Whether it’s during seminars, meetings or other events, each employee can express themselves using this tool"

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