More than 50 features and animated activities to help you make your meetings (as well as your training sessions and events) fun and productive.

Message wall

Participants send their questions, reactions, comments and photos directly from their smartphone.

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Engage the audience using an instantaneous voting system and an interactive visual display

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Who retained the lesson well? Test the knowledge of your audience in real time

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Word cloud

Invite each person to speak freely and create a collaborative word cloud in a matter of seconds

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Take your participants' comments into account and analyze their feedback using the questionnaire module.

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Selfie Wall

Generate an amazing wall of photos to make your event more personal and unique. An avalanche of smiles!

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Generate ideas, organize them easily, vote for the best ones and instantly display a prioritized summary at the end of your brainstorming.

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Cultivate the analyst in you thanks to extensive quantitative data provided by our statistical module. Check, understand and then improve your presentations a little more each time.


Quickly generate interactive smart lists.

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Launch the projection mode and project your content seamlessly and interactively.


Provide a complete and organized agenda, which is very useful in advance or at the last minute.

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Practical information

All the important information available at any time

Who's Who

An overview of the presenters and participants, very useful for networking!

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Social Wall

Project messages, tweets and SMS live on all your screens, with an extremely flexible moderation option.

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We will help you in every step of the way -- from the time you begin using Beekast, right up to implementing it live. We provide email and chat support, as well as experts available by phone or even on site at your event. We do everything to ensure that your presentations are a success. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Beekast works on almost all types of devices (smartphones, tablets and computers), with all types of networks (WiFi, EDGE, 3G or 4G).

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Beekast uses the most recent and reliable technology on the market, assuring peace of mind to your presenters and the ultra-rapid interaction of your audience.

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We have exclusive control of data (messages, documents, images...) which are stored in our infrastructures and do not go through a third-party service. All communications between our application and our data centers are fully encrypted following the latest security standards.


Do you want your business to stand out from all the others? Customize your application

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Sharing documents

Store, centralize and share your documents (presentations, brochures, reports...) securely.

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