Create an interactive and collaborative conference with Beekast

During conferences, we are generally formal. The moderator introduces the conference and the speaker present their topic. To arrange this, the solution Beekast turns your traditional conference into an interactive and  participative conference. Real discussions increase.

Here are some prerequisites that will help you better understand the advantages of interactive conference with Beekast. Above all, you will practice conference facilitation case studies.


Beekast is free up to 3 participants

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An engaging conference with Beekast

Interaction: Beekast helps you to create interaction with your audience with the feature wall of messages. Whether during the presentation of the speakers, during the conference (according to the speakers), or after their presentation, it is very simple to collect the questions and to answer them.

Intuitive: Beekast is a 100% web solution developed, a friendly-user tool developed for speakers and participants.

Collaborative: easy to create real discussions and engage even the most shy participants during your conference.

Customizable: Beekast adapts to your interactive conference. It’s up to you to select your own colors, to integrate the logo of your event and to make the tool a real ally of your communication.

Evaluate your ROI: need to measure the enthousiasme of your interactive conference and to get quantitative and not only qualitative feedback? The Rating activity helps you to collect your audience’s ratings in just a few clicks and get metrics to evaluate your return on investment.

Facilitating an interactive conference with Beekast ?


Organize your conference

Engage your audience before the conference by sharing your Beekast session. Provide them with external resources to help them learn about the speaker or topic. For example, integrate videos, articles, the speaker’s biography.


Facilitate your event

Introduce the conference topic by evaluating their knowledge with a Quiz and a series of questions. Perfect way to introduce the topic and to show the importance of the external resources that they consulted before. Your audience will be fully engaged.


At the end of your Event

Create interaction by displaying questions during the conference and do not forget to answer them. For lack of time, some questions could not be addressed. The speaker will be able to provide the answers on Beekast in order to continue the debate.