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Beekast lets me show my creative side by coming up with new learning methods !
Catherine Jaleran Trainer with a passion for digital tools

An expert with a passion for Digital Learning, Catherine has been working as a Digital Tools Trainer for several years.

Because of school closures associated with Covid-19, it’s for an entirely different audience that she’s putting her training skills to use and experimenting with new digital practices. Catherine uses the Beekast solution to assist her Year 5 child to study and absorb key concepts. By sharing her Beekast sessions with other students’ parents, she enabled around 10 children to learn while having fun.

Catherine Jaleran & Beekast : the goals ?

  • Create and invent new learning methods
  • Use a simple tool for both organiser and student
  • Have fun while learning

Create and invent new learning methods

Catherine had the idea of using the MCQ activity to assess the grammar skills of Year 5 students. Is the French verb in the present, future, simple past or past continuous? With a tap on a tablet or the click of a mouse using the family’s computer, students can answer. This time, using the Rankings activity, she asks them to correctly sort the endings of the 1st group in the simple past. Finally, students were asked to name 5 common nouns of their choice using the Word Cloud.



This range of possibilities through Beekast is what Catherine particularly values: the tool allows you to invent exercises yourself, to express them in different forms and to progressively find the learning methods best adapted to the student to help them understand a concept.

Use a simple tool for both organiser and student

Whether you need to create the session or simply access it as a student, using Beekast is very simple : no need to be an IT pro ! Because the Beekast tool is so intuitive, it’s easy for an organiser to create their session; as for the students, they can simply join the session with a click.
Moreover, learning how to use it is made easier by the fact that children often play on tablets and are already familiar with these tools and their logic.

Beekast is also a flexible tool. Catherine has, in fact, chosen to set up Beekast in on-demand mode so the students can complete activities when they’re ready and at their own pace. This means that they can practise as many times as they want, until they can complete every activity perfectly !

Have fun while learning

Children are increasingly accustomed to using computers and tablets, seeing them as their playground. So when Catherine’s child answers a Beekast activity question about conjugation, he’s having a good time, and he even forgets that he’s studying!

Indeed, the Beekast Challenge and the chance to earn points and see their score rise motivates the students : they ignore the learning outcomes behind the activity and scramble to get as many correct answers as possible!

In short, Beekast unites and satisfies both parties : the parents get caught up in the game by thinking up new activities and the children study while playing. By the way, Catherine is already designing a new Beekast session, this time to help her son study English…

The Beekast edge

"The great creative freedom made possible by the solution and how easy it is to use !"

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