Reveal the major trends with the Word cloud (Wordle)

Description :

  • Ice-breaker
  • Brainstorming
  • Decision making

The Wordle is perfect for quick brainstorming. To bring out trends, you can collect your participants’ ideas and also key words in relation to a given topic.

Users send words that are displayed on a projection screen as a word cloud, in real time or not, depending on your choice. The more a word is repeated, the more it instantly grows on the screen.The Wordle activity is also SMS compatible.

The participant has a panel with the list of words he has sent. This interface is given to the participants to delete or edit their propositions.

The summary of the closed activity allows you to review the word cloud and the list of the top 20 words sent. Surprise effects guaranteed!


Participants and facilitators do not need to be an expert in dynamic presentations, Beekast’s word cloud is a friendly-user activity. The word cloud is perfect to make the digital more attractive and usable.

The word cloud  is ideal to open a session with real discussions and engagement of the audience because of its comprehensible usability.

The Word Cloud creates an instant emulation within the audience, in a meeting or in a working group. Once the first the word cloud is displayed, participants understand how it works and keep on participating in.

In just a few seconds, your attendees go into brainstorming mode. You will make ideas emerge around a concept and identify the most trendy ideas. Productivity in real time.

Keep control while creating real discussions with your audience. With the moderation feature, the Word Cloud activity helps you to control any content. It is up to you to accept or to refuse your participants’ propositions, and even to delete them.