Assess your audience’s knowledge and reactivity with the online and interactive MCQ

Description :

  • Assessment

Test or assess your participants during your meetings, training or seminars with the interactive MCQ. Ask a question and the first to give the right answer will appear at the top of the podium. A countdown starts once the activity is launched. It gives rhythm to the participation and helps the participants to stay focused during your interactive presentation. Participants can take part via SMS.

When creating your online MCQ, you can select between multiple or unique choice questions. It’s also up to you to add an explanation to display once the participant submits their answer.

You can display the answers in real time or only at the end of the activity, and also the count of participants. Select either a histogram or a podium to display the results.


Make your contribution more attractive with the online QCM. Rapid and challenging, this activity is accessible to anyone and ideal to capture attention. MCQ is the perfect activity to create engagement during your session.

The interactive MCQ can be used in any conceivable configurations: training, meetings, plenary sessions, workshops, conferences. You will be able to assess the knowledge of your participants very easily. Whether to introduce an issue, during a conference on a specific topic or at the end of training.

It is an activity that can be created at any time, at the last minute and even during the session. Thanks to the interactive quiz, your audience will be amazed by your responsiveness and your adaptability.