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Francis Lefebvre Formation


Pace training courses and engage learners

Using Beekast was a way to encourage interaction between the participants and the speaker
Maël Ropert Project Manager in Pedagogical and Digital Engineering

Francis Lefebvre Formation is a training organisation specialising in labour law, business law and numbers.
Project manager in pedagogical and digital engineering, Maël Ropert explains how Beekast is used to make training courses more dynamic.

Francis Lefebvre Formation & Beekast : the goals ?

  • Encourage interaction with learners
  • Improve participants’ memorisation
  • Help speakers create well paced training courses

The stakes for Francis Lefebvre Formation

Some training topics could tend to be taught as lectures, taking a top-down approach. Support was needed to help speakers rethink the way a skill was being taught.
To meet these needs, the training organisation turned to Beekast.

Using Beekast

  • In-person training
  • Online training
  • Real-time or on-demand
Key figures
Founding 1899
Employees 51
The training offered 400
The Beekast edge

"The Beekast team is a true everyday partner when it comes to using the tool"

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