Challenge your team with the interactive quiz for smartphones

Description :

  • Ice-breaker
  • Assessment

Promote healthy competition in your organization, in a team or individually, by creating online quizzes throughout your presentation. Determine the winner at the end of the session.

With the Challenge activity, you can create as many teams as you want during your meetings or workshops. Once your participants get connected to the Beekast session, they will be able to select their team. There will be a visual reminder of their team color on their avatar to better challenge the other teams!

To make your activity more challenging and to grasp your attendees’ attention activate the countdown at the beginning of the online quiz. Once started, your participants answer the interactive quiz via their smartphone. It’s up to you to display the results and explanation either after each question or only at the end of the quiz.

The live full-screen mode helps you to track the progress of your participants and teams. At the end of the activity, you will then be able to display a podium and celebrate the winners.


The interactive quiz for smartphones is ideal to make the assessment more creative. Participants will learn while having fun and will be more involved during your session.

As far as the mood of the group depends on the tone of the interactive quiz, If your questions are humorous and slightly unusual, you will create an emulation instantly. Ask complex questions help to keep the group more strategic, competitive and focused on the victory. Teams become more rapid and are brought in a challenging mode.

Succeeding together makes the interactive quiz for smartphone an activity that creates real discussions among the participants, federates, increases a real sense of belonging and improves collaboration within the group.