Quickly access a summary with the meeting Report generator

Description :


Beekast’s flagship feature you need to see is the generation of automated meeting report. No more wasted time grabbing your notes and the results of the different activities you have done.

At the end of your meetings, you can download the meeting report. Two possibilities are available: the Word report or the Export Excel. Click “Report”, then click on “Download the report” to export your meeting report as an editable and customizable Word document. Or you can export the data in Excel format just by clicking “Stats” and then “Export Excel”.

The meeting report compiles the discussions which occurred on the wall of messages, the screenshots of the most visual activities (Wordle, Matrix) and the results of each activity: The count of participants in each activity, answer choices, rate, correct or incorrect answers, individual ranking, number of points.

The data export in Excel compiles by sheet the results of each activity and data is organized in tables. You will find general statistics such as the count of published messages , the count of allowed or refused messages , as well as the count of likes.

These two formats are complementary. The data export allows you to cross the data you want and to establish your own indicators. For instance, you can assess the success of your meetings, the group’s participation, or the assimilation of knowledge. You can then complete your meeting report with your own indicators.


Be more productive with the meeting report. Everything is in one document to get focused on the essence of your session. In a few clicks, instantly share the results with your participants and engage the rest of your project.

A rapid generation of statistics to follow the progress of your comments. Analyze your participants’ feedback, participation in your activities, and adjust your content for your next meeting. Get involved into a daily improvement of your approach and your presentations.

Track your attendees with key metrics generated in the meeting report. Adapt your meetings or training to improve the results of your participants.