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Rethinking the way workshops and meetings are run

During training workshops, our sales reps like using Beekast’s Challenge activity
Raïssa Lerouxel Digital Marketing Project Manager

The ISAGRI Group is a publisher of management solutions for farms, VSE/SMEs, accountancy firms and agricultural cooperatives.

Raïssa Lerouxel is the Digital Marketing Project Manager. One of her main tasks is to suggest digital tools for simplifying the daily lives of employees and to reassess the effectiveness of meetings and training. She discovered Beekast for this purpose 3 years ago.

Today, all ISAGRI group employees are able to use the collaborative tool.

ISAGRI and Beekast : the goals ?

    • Make people want to participate in meetings
    • Break away from top-down events with clients
    • Easily send and collect information
    • Make skills development easier for sales reps

Make people want to participate in meetings

When team meetings are interactive, managers want to go. So when an ISAGRI employee launches a Beekast session, it immediately draws interest and captures attention. The most difficult subjects become interesting, and the weariness with paper post-its that used to pile up in the meeting room is replaced with renewed enthusiasm.


Break away from top-down events with clients

In plenary sessions or at conventions, ISAGRI’s teams use Beekast to encourage discussions with clients : the facilitator prompts them with an MCQ and gives them the opportunity to interact throughout the presentation using the message wall. Beekast is appealing because it can help to overcome people’s shyness by offering them a new way of expressing themselves.

Easily send and collect information

The ISAGRI group often brings its sales staff together for large plenary sessions in order to convey the company’s strategy and vision. As this information comes down the line, Beekast’s interactive activities are a simple and effective way to help engage sales reps.

To upgrade its software and keep as close as possible to customer expectations, the Marketing team also conducts ‘desynchronised surveys’. They simply use Beekast’s Form activity to collect the opinions of its customers. The tool is so easy to use that no prior training is needed : it’s suitable for even the least technically-inclined!

Make skills development easier for sales reps

To assist in developing the skills of ISAGRI sales staff, training workshops for around ten people are organised with Beekast.
Salespeople love the Challenge activity best : it stimulates their competitive spirit, which in turn motivates them and brings out the best in everyone.

From traditional meetings to information meetings and training courses to plenary sessions, there are many situations requiring the involvement of employees at ISAGRI. The growth of teleworking adds remote meetings to this list, which are also held using Beekast.

Key figures
Founding 1983
Employees 2200
Clients 140 000
Revenue € 235 M
The Beekast edge

"There’s no training needed for this solution, it’s very intuitive !"

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