Test your participants with the Form activity

Description :

  • Decision making

Collect and analyze your audience’s feedback, and create a series of questions with the Form activity.

Let’s make the earth sustainably safe, no more satisfaction surveys to print and to distribute to every participant and then manually transcribe everything on an excel file at the end of your event. Use the Form activity to simply create your questionnaires, and launch them at any time. You can display the results live or consult all the details.

During your session, the Form allows you to test your learners. After your session, it allows you to create for example a satisfaction survey to collect feedback from your participants. It is possible to create several types of questions: Open-ended questions, unique choice questions, multiple choice questions and rating.

Access your forms’ results in real time or consult them in the tab “Stats”. At the end of your event, export all the results thanks to the Report generator.