The brainstorming tool to better visualize participants' ideas

Description :

  • Decision making
  • Feedback
  • Brainstorming

With the Brainstorming tool, no more post-its which must be transcribed, no more felt that no longer write, no more whiteboard to be erased, efficiency first. In real time, collect your employees’ ideas and structure them. Export and instantly send the brainstorming result by email.

Display your brainstorming activity in “full screen” and you will get a real-time display suitable for a video projector or a large screen. It’s  perfect for conferences or seminars. A refined visualization of all ideas generated as a post-it board.

Set the format of your brainstorming tool : Direct or Round by round. The format “Direct” allows your participants to share their ideas instantly on the board. With the “Round by round”, participants can privately prepare their ideas in an integrated notepad and then share them with the group during the brainstorming.

Group the ideas by column (as a KANBAN board or a Trello), decline, edit or allow the most relevant ideas, re-arrange your ideas by simple drag & drop. Then, vote for the best ideas and instantly display a visual summary at the end of your brainstorming.


Brainstorming is perfect to generate ideas simply and easily with your entire workgroup. It helps you to collect, structure and rank the ideas. The brainstorming activity allows you to share a collective vision. You instantly get a visual synthesis on the projection screen which allows you to prioritize and to make decisions together and solve problems. Use the moderation option to control all contents throughout the brainstorming. You become more productive and efficient thanks to the brainstorming activity.