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Use Beekast for shorter and effective meetings

To maximize productivity and maintain participants’ focus, it is crucial to set time limits for work meetings. Prolonged meetings can often lead to time wastage and decreased efficiency.

By organizing shorter meetings, you can ensure heightened focus from participants. This approach also allows them to allocate time to other projects or tasks that need attention. Ultimately, setting time boundaries for meetings helps optimize productivity and time management.

Beekast for shorter and efficient meetings! 

To organize an effective meeting, it is always necessary to have a clear and concise agenda so that participants can prepare in advance and maximize their contribution and efficiency.

To enhance meeting effectiveness, we recommend initiating an asynchronous session before the actual meeting takes plaTo maximize productivity and maintain participants’ focus, it is crucial to set time limits for work meetings. Prolonged meetings can often lead to time wastage and decreased efficiency.ce. This session serves as a platform to share important information, gather participant feedback through surveys, and address any questions that can contribute to improved efficiency during the subsequent synchronous meeting.

To further simplify the process of creating impactful meetings, Beekast offers a range of interactive activity templates designed to meet various meeting contexts and requirements. These templates empower you to effortlessly create engaging and focused sessions, preventing participants from getting sidetracked by less relevant topics. With just a few clicks, Beekast helps you maintain the participants’ attention and drive meaningful discussions.

To encourage interaction and create a relaxed atmosphere for your meeting, use an icebreaker. We recommend the “Weather Report” template, which is quite short and will help engage your participants.

To stimulate participant thinking and generate creative ideas, use the brainstorming template. Participants can contribute their ideas in advance, and during the meeting, you can discuss and group them together. To increase efficiency, conduct a voting session on the platform to prioritize the ideas, allowing for streamlined decision-making and maximizing the impact of the selected concepts. This approach promotes active engagement, effective collaboration, and the generation of innovative ideas within your meetings.

You also have a template for problem-solving, called the “Six Thinking Hats” model, available in both table and canvas formats. Each of your participants will generate ideas around the problem by adopting a different “hat” (mode of thinking) each time.

If you’re used to using a whiteboard to facilitate your meetings, you’ll be glad to find its digital counterpart in Beekast, called the canvas. It also comes with a variety of templates, which will save you valuable time in setting up your workshops. With Beekast, you can maintain the same, or even better, level of efficiency in a hybrid mode as you would in an in-person meeting.

Another definite advantage of this activity is that if you want to reuse certain ideas to focus on and develop them further, you can easily duplicate them to work in a new canvas activity, saving time.

For evaluating a past period and engaging in a continuous improvement process, the speedboat template is an excellent choice. This model encourages meaningful exchanges and provides an overview of a project’s progress.

At the end, to have a summary of your meeting, you can quickly generate the session’s report with just one click. To make your life easier, the report is editable. This way, you can send the report to your participants enriched with your comments.

In summary, Beekast is a comprehensive solution for companies aiming to streamline meeting processes and enhance productivity. By facilitating meeting preparation and fostering active participation, Beekast helps ensure clarity regarding meeting objectives and promotes collective decision-making.

The reporting feature further simplifies documenting meeting results and action items, enabling you to maximize the impact of your meetings. Utilizing Beekast ultimately leads to more productive and beneficial meetings for your business, saving time and maximizing efficiency.


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