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The 12 most common types of meetings

You’re about to organise a work meeting but you’re wondering what would be the best type of meeting? Here is a short list of the different types of meetings that are most common in companies, based on the results they can offer.

1. Information meetings

The most common type of meeting in companies, it is used to provide teams with top-down information and to pass on important messages. But make sure it doesn’t go on for too long – after 30 minutes you’ll lose your participants’ interest.

2. Problem-solving meetings

To clear roadblocks and solve problems, it’s better to hold a meeting rather than letting issues build up. The meeting leader brings together all those concerned and leads the discussion until decisions are made.

3. Collaborative meetings

The meeting that encourages participation. The leader brings the work group together to drive a specific subject forward. Debates, exchanges, discussions… everyone is called to take part to ensure topics move along successfully.

4. Department meetings

Weekly meetings, daily meetings… department meetings are a regular rendezvous with all the members of a team. The aim is to bring all the employees together to take stock of ongoing projects, possible issues and the general mood.

5. Brainstorming

A popular meeting technique to find new ideas and encourage active reflection, brainstorming promotes creativity and encourages each employee to take part – even the less creative members!

6. Project meetings

The project manager’s favourite, the aim is to review a project. Kick-off meeting, progress report, work meeting, closing and review meeting, these meetings are planned out methodically by the project manager.

7. Sales meetings

Fundamental for every sales team, this meeting provides an opportunity to review each individual’s business objectives and performance.

8. Training

These meetings are essential to help employees gain new skills within the company or to welcome new employees with onboarding. Training should be seen as a type of meeting that can be conducted by a manager or a trainer.

9. One-to-ones

One-to-ones are the ultimate way for managers to exchange with each of their employees. Held at least once a year, some managers even opt for recurring monthly meetings to build a relationship based on trust.

10. Seminars

Seminars, conferences and general meetings are all corporate events on a particular topic that bring together several dozen participants with one or more facilitators. 

11. Stand-up meetings

More than just a particular type of meeting, stand-up meetings, just like walking meetings, are a meeting technique to help get away from the daily grind and focus on efficiency.

12. Remote meetings

More than a meeting type, remote meetings are a contemporary topic. With telework, mobile workers and globalisation, companies must get organised to facilitate remote collaboration.

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