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5 tips for an efficient hybrid management

You may have noticed that hybrid work has quickly become “the new normal”. Indeed, the study, “Managers in a Hybrid World in 2023“, conducted by Beekast and OpinionWay revealed that managers are mainly satisfied with this new manner of working.

It is revealed that 80% of them wish to work remotely twice a week, leading us to believe that this hybrid model allows people to have a better work-life balance while reducing time spent in transportation.

The study also revealed that 58% of managers prefer the post-pandemic world. Safe to say, hybrid work is here to stay, establishing itself as the new work model following successive lockdowns during the health crisis. But in order to succeed in this new framework, it is crucial to master a new type of management: hybrid management.

Hybrid management: the new managerial practice

Hybrid work is a combination of remote work and in-office work that has established itself as the new work organization in most French companies. This work mode applies to both employees and managers.

The idea of hybrid work is intrinsically linked with the concept of flexibility, enabling employees to have personalized schedules and modes of work.

Navigating these new work models can be challenging for managers. Here, they must strive to maintain a link between office-based colleagues and those who work from home. Therefore, the manager must ensure remote management and take into account the well-being of the team.

As a result, setting up a collaborative workspace is essential to ensure work continuity and maintain team cohesion. The manager must ensure that remote work does not hinder collaboration and communication.

According to the survey conducted by Adecco, 75% of employees believe that a manager’s soft skills are more important than academic ones. To achieve a harmonious and productive hybrid team environment, trusting your coworkers is an essential component of effective team management.

The role of hybrid work is becoming increasingly important. In the long run, managers must first and foremost show even more kindness and trust to their teams and to themselves to avoid any pitfalls.

5 tips for successfully managing your hybrid team 

To better manage hybrid teams, the key is to establish (or upgrade) an adapted routine and follow some best practices. Here are 5 tips for establishing agile and solid hybrid management:

  • Trust your colleagues: As a manager, your primary duty is to guide and support your team toward the successful completion of their goals. By fostering a work environment built on trust, you not only reduce stress levels but also enhance productivity, enabling your team to thrive.
  • Foster a Feedback-Forward Culture: Communication is key, regardless of your colleague’s role, but encouraging feedback is even more critical. Regular and open exchanges between a manager and their team members play a vital role in establishing a feedback-rich environment, where growth and development are consistently promoted.

In addition, having feedback allows you to know if your colleagues are facing challenges in order to make any necessary adjustments. The Feedback Door activity from Beekast allows you to quickly gather feedback. 

  • Detecting weak signals: Stay Ahead of the Curve with Weak Signal Detection: As a manager, it’s crucial to have the ability to sense early warning signs, whether it be an issue of over-connectivity or isolation. Use the “Weather Report” activity to gauge the mood of your team and proactively identify any weak signals that may arise.
  • Reinvent Sharing and Exchange: To keep your coworkers feeling connected and engaged, encourage them to exchange ideas and explore new methods for sharing information within the company. Interactive tools can play a significant role in fostering communication and collaboration. Take advantage of technology, such as the Beekast platform, to ignite meaningful conversations and bring your team together. Use the Hot Air Balloon activity to spark reflection and collaboration among your colleagues.
  • Streamline Communication and Collaboration Efforts: Bridging the gap between teams and fostering effective communication can be a challenge, particularly when distance is a factor. To make collaboration seamless, it’s crucial to optimize interaction channels. By selecting digital communication tools that boost internal communication, you can ensure that your team remains connected and on the same page, regardless of their physical location.

For efficient hybrid management, discover the collaborative platform Beekast: 



OpinionWay study : discover the trends surrounding hybrid work and executives’ state of mind in 2023.

While the health crisis has profoundly changed the working habits of French professionals, the software editor Beekast, which offers a collaborative platform for meetings, training and events, wanted to know more about the trends of hybrid work and the state of mind of executives today. 

To answer these questions, Beekast launched a study in partnership with OpinionWay on more than 1,000 executives.


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