Measure in two dimensions to visualize and make complex decisions

Description :

  • Decision making
  • Feedback
  • Brainstorming

Evaluate a series of propositions in two dimensions and visualize them on a matrix.  With its simple and effective visualization, the matrix is perfect for teamwork and complex decision-making or case study training.

Two formats are available: the Grid or Quadrant matrix.

The grid mode helps you easily create a risk management matrix. In this mode, you add in one click a gradient color background to make the matrix much more comprehensible.

Select the Quadrant mode to easily create an Eisenhower matrix. This will help you decide on and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance. The quadrant mode is composed of four quadrants to define. Each quadrant is customizable so you can change their name and color.

The grid and quadrant matrix axes are completely customizable so that your matrix fits your needs and understanding is better.

All the answers, averages, minimum and maximum ratings are available and exportable in an Excel document to review a number of recent goals!

Your respondents drag and drop the elements on the grid or quadrant matrix. A simple method for complex decisions!