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Mentimeter VS Klaxoon

What is the best software for your business? Are you looking to compare Mentimeter with Klaxoon? Take advantage of a detailed analysis of these two solutions.

Comparison between Mentimeter and Klaxoon

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Cheapest plan

11,99€ / animator / month

24,90€ / animator / month

Number of Participants



Interactive Activities


Canvas / Whiteboard


Challenge / Podium

Ranking (without correct answer)

Ranking (with correct answer)


Mur de selfie


Word Cloud


Open Question


Find in the image

Fill in the blank

Presentation support

Slide creation

Slide formatting

Upload de vidéos

PPT slides

Keynote slides

Google Slides

PDF slides

Presentation themes

Session features

Asynchronous sessions

Add moderators

Import templates

Anonymous participation

Discussion Wall

Moderate messages

Moderate activities

Create groups/rooms

Additional document space


Projecting the presentation

Progress tracking

Automatic start/stop of activities


Video conferencing tools

Microsoft Teams, Zoom

Microsoft Teams

Traditional presentation tools

PPT pour windows

Dynamic presentation tools

Online storage


Task management tools


Iframe integration

Participation via SMS and Twitter (Social Wall)

Project Management

Voting session

Confirm a decision

Build an action plan

Share the action plan and reminders

Session results

Activity results

Evaluation score

Engagement/participation score

Export to Excel format

Export to Word format

Export to Pdf format

Security and confidentiality

Session protection with password

Advanced security by domain or email

ISO 27001


Online help resources

Email and live chat support


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With Beekast, facilitate efficient and collaborative meetings!

Beekast is an online collaborative platform that allows users to work together in person or remotely. It offers a wide range of collaboration tools such as whiteboards, surveys, quizzes, brainstorming tools, and more, enabling users to work together in real-time, stimulate creativity, and foster interaction among participants.

Beekast is commonly used for meetings, seminars, trainings, corporate events, and other types of online collaborations. Users can create their own sessions, add participants, content, and interactive activities to collaborate effectively.

Beekast stands out for its user-friendliness, ease of use, accessibility from any internet-connected device, and a wide range of real-time or asynchronous collaboration features. With Beekast, users can create engaging interactive environments, thereby promoting participation and collaboration from all participants, even in hybrid settings.

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What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform that allows users to create engaging real-time presentations with their audience. The features offered by Mentimeter include surveys, quizzes, word clouds, and more. Mentimeter is often compared to other interactive presentation solutions such as Slido, Wooclap, Kahoot!, and Beekast.

Beekast, in particular, stands out for its user-friendliness for beginners, the richness of its features, advanced customization options, and data analytics. Additionally, Beekast offers an all-in-one interactive presentation solution that combines the features of Mentimeter and other online collaboration tools like whiteboards, surveys, and brainstorming tools.

While Mentimeter is a popular solution for interactive presentations, many customers prefer Beekast for its ease of use, advanced features, and reporting capabilities.

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What is Klaxoon?

Klaxoon is an online collaboration platform that offers a variety of tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, decision-making, and project management. Among the features offered by Klaxoon are virtual whiteboards, real-time polls, quizzes, collaborative games, and collaborative workspaces.

Klaxoon is often compared to other online collaboration platforms such as Mural, Miro, and Mentimeter. Beekast is another online collaboration platform that offers similar features to Klaxoon but focuses more on meetings for all, emphasizing simplicity.

Overall, each platform has its own advantages, and it’s important to choose the one that best suits the specific needs of each team or organization. Klaxoon is a comprehensive and flexible collaboration platform, which is perfectly suited for people who are skilled in meeting animation techniques such as coaches who master agile methods.

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