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Offering a full-fledged training experience

To make my remote training sessions more engaging, I use Beekast and Teams simultaneously
Aurélien Mania Trainer

Aurélien’s field of expertise is engineering. He helps design the training sessions he gives to project managers and research officers. His past experience working in this field is a key factor in his passion for training and knowledge transfer.

He puts his skills and knowledge to work for a training organisation known as Energy Formation. Specialising in the gas industry, Energy Formation shares its technical know-how with gas companies in France and abroad.

Energy Formation’s mission is to offer every training participant a full-fledged educational experience. This mission consists of 5 clearly defined goals:

  • Place the user and their needs at the centre of each training project
  • Personalise the training programme
  • Use digital technologies to promote learning
  • Encourage interactions with learners and defend the right to make mistakes
  • Maintain motivation by making training fun

For Aurélien, using Beekast to host training sessions helps to achieve these goals, and has proven essential in a time when remote work has sometimes been the only available option. He explains how.

What added value does Beekast bring to Energy Formation?

  • Prepare and host training sessions more easily
  • Evaluate learners’ level of participation and understanding
  • Make people excited to learn, even remotely

Prepare and host his training sessions more easily

Develop training sessions efficiently

Though invisible to learners, the preparation phase is the starting point for any training programme. This phase requires a big investment of time and effort, and Aurélien does it directly in Beekast for increased efficiency.

For Aurélien, organising his work is easy with Beekast’s unique “workspace” system where he can find and organise all of his sessions. The tool is structured to help trainers easily find their way around their various training sessions.
He also likes to import all of his training assets (documents, videos, activities etc.) into Beekast to help guide his thought process and give him a bird’s-eye view of how his training session will unfold. That’s the advantage of a tool like Beekast that’s highly integrated into its ecosystem, making it flexible and easy to use.

Capturing learners’ attention

Once the training session is ready to go in Beekast, Aurélien has to get all his learners engaged with it!

To break through their reluctance to participate and capture the attention of the project owners and contractors he’s training, Aurélien starts with an icebreaker activity like an MCQ or a Survey that everyone takes part in. This approach supports Energy Formation’s goal of “using the benefits of digital technologies to promote learning”. The Beekast digital tool helps with this goal by offering an inclusive and participatory approach to facilitate learning.

Evaluating learners’ level of participation and understanding

Collecting participation data

Aurélien can easily view participation rates for his training sessions in Beekast. That lets him keep an eye on participation and reach out to learners who are feeling lost, or make changes to his training sessions based on learners’ understanding. In this way, Beekast supports Energy Formation’s goal of “personalising the training programme”.
Providing precise participation statistics is also a way for Energy Formation to convince clients of the quality of its training.

Using Beekast as an evaluation tool

At the end of a session, Aurélien likes to use two Beekast activities: the MCQ and the Challenge. These activities allow him to rapidly evaluate his learners’ understanding before moving on.
And the evaluation process applies to Aurélien as well! He submits a Survey to his learners at the end of each training session to gather their feedback and adapt his training sessions to better match their expectations. It’s also a way to ensure that his training sessions will make them genuinely excited to learn.

Making people excited to learn, even remotely

Creating ideal conditions for learning

It is important to create attractive conditions, because they play a non-trivial role in learners’ willingness to commit to training. Sometimes, even little things can make a big difference. For example, Aurélien’s students really enjoy the fresh look of Beekast’s design. It’s not the only factor, but it contributes to their overall motivation. Energy Formation also provides tablets for its learners so that they can focus their full attention on the training, without being distracted by emails or other notifications!

For remote sessions, creating good conditions for learning can be more difficult, though not impossible. That’s why Energy Formation has starting using Beekast on an almost daily basis since the first wave of lockdowns in France. Despite the lack of physical interaction with his learners, Aurélien can still provide dynamic and engaging training sessions by using Beekast and Teams simultaneously. Learners can contribute to the discussion either verbally or through an interactive activity.

Giving learners the right to make mistakes

Energy Formation wants to break through certain anxieties that people sometimes associate with learning, and tries to encourage its learners to feel free to speak up without fear of judgement. The organisation believes that making mistakes is an important step in learning and making progress. Through its interactive activities, Aurélien thinks that Beekast offers a great opportunity for learners to participate without fear. The tool’s gamification approach also helps to remove the stigma of making mistakes.

Besides getting participants excited to learn, Aurélien finds that Beekast also gets trainers excited about trying new techniques in their sessions. The Beekast team provides personalised project support and helps users to improve their skills with the tool, putting even the most ambitious projects within their reach.



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Training courses 250
Trainees yearly 10 000
Training sessions yearly 1000
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