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5 ideas of activities for a creative workshop or meeting!

It is not always easy to make workshops creative and dynamic. While many articles suggest the opposite, organizing and conducting workshops is complex. Moreover, we should not minimize the importance of human beings in the organization of such workshops! We propose you a range of activities to inspire you in order to make your workshops more efficient while remaining fun!

All activities are available on Beekast, you can try them all and give us your opinion!

Weather of the day: a Wordle Icebreaker

You do not hold workshops every day. Therefore, when you propose a creative workshop, you must show that this day will be different, that you count on everyone’s collaboration and creativity! This is the role of an icebreaker: to create a break with the professional routine while putting the participants in the right state of mind.

There are many icebreakers according to your needs, we present here the “Weather of the Day”, which is particularly suitable for brainstormings! Using a word cloud, you can ask your participants their daily weather, using emojis! You can show the example to launch the word cloud by sending your own emojis. Display the whole in full screen then present the general weather of the participants!

Survey: your expectations

Obviously, your goal is a deliverable that will bring together creative ideas. But what are the important criteria for your participants to stay creative? Is the climate between colleagues important? Is this the most important method to them?

Survey your audience to adapt your workshop to get the most out of your collaborators’ creativity. To set it up with Beekast, you have several options: the Survey or the Form.

Comprehension Validation: Have you understood the topic of the day?

Presenting the topic is crucial for the smooth running of your brainstorming: you want to generate new ideas that are applicable to a given problem. Identify the key points of understanding, present them and then test your participants’ knowledge in order to validate the foundations of your brainstorming.

For example, if you want to improve a sales process, present the current process and some figures. With Beekast, then propose a Ranking activity to make sure that the current process is well known, then you can create a MCQ for a little competition in your team!

Brainstorming: the popcorn method

Your employees are in a good mood. The key points of creativity have been identified and you have laid the foundations for reflection with a presentation of the subject.

The ideation phase is the most complex, we wrote an article on “organizing a perfect brainstorming using the Popcorn method”. You can refer to it for all the details of this ideation process. On Beekast, you can use the Table activity to organize your brainstorming!

Your workshop is coming to an end! You will be able to deliver quality content. Brainstorming is above all a collaborative work between the participants.

Thus, you can suggest to your participants to take a selfie and keep the pictures in a souvenir gallery. You will then have the opportunity to insert this cliché in the presentation of your brainstorming and, in this way, highlight the collective work that has been provided. Finally, you can also send the pictures to the team that worked on the brainstorming, which will appreciate the gesture and remember this workshop.

Share your workshop ideas to defeat boring meetings!

Use Beekast to organize your next workshop!


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