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The true method for a creative brainstorming

Brainstorming is this renowned method allowing us to deliver numerous ideas by letting people express themself without thinking.

The brainstorming method has been invented in 1935 by the not-so-famous Alex Osborn. Nowadays, it’s a collaborative technique that has seduced all types of businesses.

But, brainstorming everyone knows what it is. But, are you able to set up an optimal brainstorming for your team?

Several brainstorming methods exist, one of which is very popular: the Popcorn method. I’m sure I don’t need to draw you a picture… Ideas pop everywhere, like popcorn in a microwave!

Decryption in 5 steps:

Step 1. Remember the game rules

A brainstorming is not a classic meeting, it’s a creative workshop. So, do not forget to give a little reminder of what to do, and how to do it.

  • Write down all ideas! Whether the idea is bizarre or a joke or even if it’s totally crazy, write down everything! Nobody knows what you could get out of it…
  • Always try to keep the discussion moving forward. And to do this, one must try to minimize the private discussions that will only slow down the process.
  • Everyone should avoid criticism. There is no doubt that all ideas won’t be good to keep. On the other hand, keep your opinion for yourself in order to leave everyone at ease during the brainstorming.
  • No evaluation yet! You will have plenty of time to do it once everyone run out of ideas.

Step 2. Introduce the subject

Essential step of any meeting, the subject presentation. Be sure that everyone has understood the topic so that the brainstorming remains properly framed throughout the workshop. In order to be sure of that, you can turn your brainstorming topic into questions, starting with why, how or what.

Step 3. A minute of silence.

No, it’s not a joke! Give everyone time to think quietly about the subject for a few minutes before starting thinking as a team.

Step 4. Let’s go!

Is your scribe ready ? Because it’s his moment! It’s time to let everyone express themselves, share ideas out loud. You can also brainstorm using post-its, however, be aware that your collaborators will not be able to bounce on others’ ideas, and you may end up losing at the end. We let you choose.

Step 5. Coffee break and clarification

Once everyone run out of ideas, it’s time for a break! After the break, bring your contributors back to the meeting room and have a look back on all ideas. Time for sorting! Clarify ideas, remove duplicates and identify possible synergies between ideas.

And now, you have all the important information to organize your first brainstorming!


By the way, we advise you never to make meetings last more than 90 minutes. Do not hesitate to take a break in the middle, everyone will come back more concentrated!

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